Tataki Tuna Salad with Beetroot Wasabi Mayo

on 28 July 2021

This salad is special for the combination of tuna, avocado, beetroot and wasabi. The mix of flavours and textures are heavenly and visually the pan-fried tuna, the greens and pink create a beautiful image. It is a “WAO” both in look and taste!

The pink mayo is so delicious that you better make extra to pour on the salad when served. Combines amazingly well with the Crunchy Black Garlic Guacamole Breads


(2-3 pers.)

Marinated tuna
One big Tuna steak
Sesame oil
Soya sauce
Black sesame seeds
Salt & pepper

250 g green lettuce
(I used feldsalat but you can use any kind of green lettuce)
1/2 avocado
5-6 asparagus
1 beetroot, boiled
Fresh coriander
A squish of lemon juice

3-4 tablespoons mayonnaise (vegan or normal)
1 beetroot chopped in cubes
1 tea spoon olive oil
Salt & pepper

How To Make It



Marinate the tuna steak in mixture of soya sauce and sesame oil. Leave it for 2 hours or over the night.
Boil two beetroots – or use precooked



  1. Start with the beetroot mayo: Blend all ingredients into a semi-fluid texture by adding the beetroot little by little into the mayonnaise and olive oil. Put the wasabi into the mix in the end and adjust texture and taste with more mayo, wasabi and olive oil as you like it.
  2. Prepare the lettuce on a large serving dish
  3. Chop the other beetroot and a half avocado into small cubes
  4. Fry the asparagus and put it on top of the lettuce
  5. Fry the marinated tuna with black sesame quickly so it is raw inside
  6. Slice the tuna into two cm pieces and put them on top of the asparagus on the salat
  7. Sprinkle the beetroot mayo on top of the tuna – and pour the rest into a bowl
  8. Put the chopped beetroot and avocado on top of the tuna
  9. Squeeze a bit of lemon on the salad and leave a couple of lemon slices on the side
  10. Decorate with coriander leaves

The salad is easy put together when you have boiled the beetroots and marinated the tuna. When you have everything ready, build the salad pretty fast so the tuna is warm when served. However, it’s also lovely when the tuna is cold. So, if you make it for lunch you can refrigerate and eat the leftovers as a snack in the evening.

Let me know if you like it!


How To Eat It

Try the salad with Black Garlic Guacamole Bruschettas

How I Present It


A Facelift to Any Salad
There is hardly a piece of kitchenware I have used so much as my Pillivuyt Fish Serving Platter. I have it in two sizes. For this salad I have used the largest. It is almost 60 cm. The combination of shape and size gives any salad a facelift and it looks like a million on the table. First time I saw it was in my friend Anne Grete’s home. I got it right after and there is no other serving dish I have used as much as this. The smaller size is also great, but the larger one is just a more elegant statement. The smaller size is also great but to get the same effect, you need to put very little on it.

Big Plates Give the Food Class
The same is the case with the 28 cm White Element plates. The size just makes it easy to make the food look good on the plate and the plates alone look great. It’s like the size gives both the food and the table a  “classy format” without so much else. What’s not to like?

The Asian Twist
The placemats are a different style. I don’t think they fit any kind of food well. They bring a sculptural look to the table and an extra spark to Asian fusion style food. If I can, I try to give any kind of dish an Asian twist. In the right dose, it tends to bring an “Umamish” touch to the food that wakes up the senses in an unexpected way. These surprising experiences are what make life worth living!

Finally, I want to mention the wooden salad set, which adds contrast to this setting. Again, this set makes any salad look amazing!

I love these things that makes eating even more delightful than it already is and hope you find them useful too. Below you can see where you can get the tricks.

Effective + Classic + Big
Of course, it doesn’t need to be the same things I show here. Take it as inspiration and create your personal way of serving the dish. However, if there is a key-message I wish to share, it is the value of having some few  “effective” classic things  that are easy to combine with many different things and different kinds of food. Some of them bigger than your normal choice. It makes a difference!


Home Deco

Placemats: Catalina House
Pillivuyt Fish Serving Platter (58,5×20 cm): Kochform.de
White Elements Plate (28 cm): Royal Copenhagen.com
Rig-Tig Toss IT Salad Servers: Rig-Tig.com, Amazon.es


I buy all the veggies like feld salat, asparagus, avocado, coriander, beetroot and lemon, in Ametller Origen and in most of the shops, you can also get the tuna steak and the mayonnaise there.

The sesame oil, wasabi, soya sauce and black sesame seeds I normally get in the Asian supermarkets mostly because I like the authentic experience. But you can get everything online.


Sesame Oil

Soya Sauce
El Corte Inglés.com

Black Sesame Seeds

Vegan Mayonaise
Ametller Origen.com

Wasabi Paste


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