Søren Aagaard

Søren Aagaard

Prices for all works: 30 x 45 cm
EUR 200
EUR 400- Framed
Custom size: By appointment

Enchanted Forest
The series “Enchanted Forest”, explores the ancient trees found in North Zealand, Denmark.

Initially it was nearly impossible to find raw wilderness hidden amongst the heavily cultivated Danish landscape. In reality like certain stretches of untouched coastline, unspoilt nature could be found. These old giants were eventually discovered along with the tiny areas of wild land surrounding them. Sometimes surprisingly solitary and peaceful, even though being a stone throw away from contemporary life.

The images are captured using infrared sensitive film and a special filter which blocks most of the visible spectrum of light. The images actually reveal what we can’t see and further expand the notion of a dream world.

Søren Aagaard graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Arts School of Architecture in 1999.

Søren started his professional photographic career as in-house photographer for the architect studio Future Systems in London while participating in the design and building of Selfridges Birmingham.

Here he developed a bold and clean visual style characteristic of the studio, with works published widely by the architectural press such as Phaidon, The Architects Journal, Octogon and A+U.

Søren’s personal work is focused on projects with a spiritual approach, exploring time phenomena, the unplanned and the intersections between dream and conscious space. It is driven by a hearty curiosity and often exploring alternative methods of capture, development and printing.