About Me

Hi and Welcome to Maja’s Gusto.


Hi I am Maja. I am a life lover. Here on the the blog I am sharing the moments of Serenity, Spirit & Style that make me relish my life, uniting the best of Mediterranean and Scandinavian lifestyle.

I am Danish. Yeah, I know I don’t look very Scandinavian. I am adopted from Seoul and lived in Denmark always until four years ago when I moved to Barcelona with four suitcases into a shared flat to start my journey in Barcelona. Without a job or knowing anybody. Just knew it was the right thing to do.

My Spirit Leads the Way

My personal journey started with Ashtanga yoga 20 years ago. Yoga and personal growth are a great part of my life that  during the years have aligned me more and more with who I am.

Some months before the COVID-19 broke out, I found myself without a job. After freaking out for two weeks I found peace with being locked up, started doing yoga at home every day for the first time and reinforced working on myself. This connected me even more with my true “spirit” and what really makes me happy.

I let go of wanting to continue my career in the corporate world and started a new entrepreneurial journey where my spirit and dreams lead the way. This blog is one of the things that was brought to live that connects all the things that make me love my life.

A Child of Nature and Flower Power

As three months old, I flew in to Denmark from Seoul as the youngest of the adopted children at that time.

I grew up with serenity in the peaceful countryside surrounded by the wide horizon, oak trees, plants, birds, dogs, cats, rabbits, goose, sheep, goats, chickens, horses, one cow and one duck.

Funny enough I am a city girl, but I need to be close to nature to feel at peace, which I am blessed to be in my home in Barcelona.

My parents were nature lovers and early pioneers of the ecological movement back in the 1970s. I was brought up with flower power values and brown rice, way before healthy food was trendy.

I never liked the colour of the rice but right from my childhood nature and a healthy lifestyle became part of who I am. I just like eating healthy. Healthy is home for me.

This doesn’t mean I only eat healthy. I also love butter croissants, Italian ice-cream, dark chocolate and desserts and you will also see some of that good stuff here on the blog.

Food & Cooking is My Lifestyle

Eating and cooking good food has always been my greatest joy. But my passion for food and cooking really peaked when I moved to Barcelona.

The Mediterranean gastronomic tradition and the passion for eating as a cultural and social activity, is a great part of the lifestyle that really resonates with me.

In Denmark the interest in gastronomy and eating well is something that has evolved more recently.

Living in Barcelona is a non-stop gastronomic inspiration. The abundance of fresh products and local gourmet shops from the whole world brought the foodie spirit in me fully to life.

I am constantly exploring new products, finding new restaurants and shops where you can see and feel that someone has put their spirit into giving the food and the place a personal style.

What I love most about cooking is the creative process of combining ingredients into my own style. I am also very impatient – so I am not a big fan of recipes. Takes so long to read them. I use recipes and food I eat out as inspiration.

Normally I cook dishes where the combinations and proportions of the ingredients are more important than exact quantities and then I use my intuition to get the right mix. However, in some cases, for instance when I make desserts and cakes, I do care about quantities.

The food I like to cook and eat is easy to make with  good quality products rich in flavour, texture and colours. I think the joy of cooking and the curiosity to experiment with the ingredients create dishes that inspire the taste buds and the eyes.

Most importantly, I use my curiosity and put my love and passion into cooking to give it a personal touch.

With quality ingredients, passion and inspiration everyone can create delicious healthy food. Much more isn’t needed. I practice my passion for cooking in the smallest kitchen you can imagine.

The Home is My Spirit & Culture

As a Dane, my home is the centre of my world. I like creating a place that reflects my personality and lifestyle.

My passion for the home is something very Danish. I think it is something we Danes carry with us as our culture, wherever we are in the world.

Here in my home in Barcelona, I have created a place that make me feel happy every day. A home that supports my lifestyle, where I feel a peace of mind and recharge my energy and spend enjoyable moments with the people I love.


Art & Design Reflects My Spirit and Style

Before my twenties I did an extensive art school journey but ended up doing my masters at the Danish Design School. Art reminds me of who I am and will always be a part of me. I am lucky to have friends and family who are great artists and grateful that their art brings a personal spirit to my home.

I think art and design expresses our personal spirit and style. It gives me a sense of serenity to be surrounded by the beauty and creativity in art.

My home is Barcelona, I am Danish and I love to travel and mix all the inspiration from the different worlds into my lifestyle.

Here on the blog you will see a mix of the things that makes me relish my life, which I hope may inspire yours:


  • Healthy Food & Recipes Made with Spirit & Love

  • Places to Eat & Go with Authentic Style

  • Shops & Products that Make Cooking and Shopping a Joy

  • Home Decor with a Personal Style

  • Design & Hand-picked Art Made by People I Love

  • Yoga that Brings Serenity in My Life & Makes My Body & Mind strong

  • Life Perspectives & Coaches that Connect Me with My Spirit


Thank you for being here! I hope to see you often. With Love & Serenity,