Healthy Peanut Butter Coconut Granola

on 15 August 2021

Good granolas are hard to find, so I started making my own. A mix of nuts and seeds gives it a heavenly taste, texture and colours. It's grain free, gluten free and sugar free. Such a yummy fat bomb. Good fat!

I got the idea to make it with Ghee. The sweet flavour of the ghee together with peanut butter and cinnamon give the granola a surprising umamish twist! It’s amazing and takes 10 min to make.


1 big-2 tbsp peanut butter
1 big tbsp ghee
1 handful walnuts
1 handful hazelnuts
1 handful cashews
1 handful pumkin seeds
1 handful almond flake
1 handful pistachios
1 handful scredded dried coconut
1 tsp cinnamon

How To Make It

  1. Heat up a frying pan and add the peanut butter and ghee and warm it up until melted.
  2. Add the nuts and seeds. Save a small part of the pistaccios and the coconut flakes to sprinkle on afterwards.
  3. Fry the nuts while stirring until the peanut butter an ghee caramelizes and the nuts get golden brown.
  4. Don’t leave the pan out of sight beacuse the nuts burn quickly as soon as they start taking colour.
  5. Remove the nuts to chill off on baking paper and add the cinnamon powder
  6. Chop the reamining part of the pistaccios and the coconut flakes and sprinkle them on to of the caramilized granola.
  7. Leave the granola until it has cooled down and put it into an air tight jar.

Voila, enjoy!



I like this mix of nuts but I normally just use what I have. You can choose exactly the nuts you like. The essential part of this recipe is the peanut butter and ghee mix that gives the granola a special flavour with a natural sweetness that makes it unnessacary to add any sweetner.

I don’t chop the nuts, but you can do if you like. Up to you. If you do, you need to take even more care when frying them. It will go faster.

You can add a bit of salt to strengthen the flavour. A pinch of liquorice powder also gives it a  lovely twist.

How to Eat It

This granola makes you look forward to breakfast every day. Enjoy it on yoghurt, kefir or skyr.

My favourite is to have it as topping on my Matcha Smoothie Bowl. It matches the smoothie perfectly – and see how gorgeous it looks below! It’s a super healthy, filling and delicious breakfast.

Since the granola is so nutty and caramelish I also use it to spice up any dessert,  ice-cream or fruits. I love a piece of water melon or sliced mango topped with greek yourghurt and granola. This is both an easy breakfast and dessert.

You can also put the granola in the oven with some berries or pineapple until the fruits are golden on the edge – and wupti you have a super fast homemade crumble you can top with icecream or whipped cream and a pinch of cinnamon powder.

What is Ghee?

Ghee is a clarified butter that is traditionally used in Asian cooking, typically made from cow’s milk.

It’s made by melting regular butter, separating and removing the milk solids from the fat liquid. This means that ghee has a higher burning point than standard butter, which makes is ideal for frying or sautéing foods.

How to use ghee

Ghee is sweeter than regular butter which makes it ideal for desserts and baking. I love it for making pancakes and crumble instead of regular butter.

Personlly, I like a piece of good slightly toasted bread with ghee and peanut butter. It’s almost like having a cake, but without sugar.

Health benefits

Because a big part of the dairy protein is removed, ghee contains much lower levels of lactose than regular butter. Therefore, it’s an option if you wish to REDUCE lactose in your diet, but it is NOT lactose free.

Ghee contains a fatty acid called butyrate acid, which plays an essential role in digestive health and appears to have anti-inflammatory effects.

How to Make Ghee

If you want to make your own ghee, you simply melt butter and heat it until the milk fat sinks to the bottom so you can separate the clear part of the butter above.

You can see how to make homemade ghee here:


Nuts&Seeds – Peanut Butter – Ghee

I recommend two shops in Barcelona, where you can get all nuts&seeds + my favourite peanut butter and ghee at one time:

Al Gra

You can get my favourite ingredients for the granola in the the local shop Al Gra in Gracia, close to Placa Libertad. has an authentic atmosphere with hans selected high quality products in sacs “A Granel” meaning in bulk per kilo, so you can choose how much you want. See location on the map below.

Ametller Origen

The grocery store Ametller Origen also sells everything you need. The shops have a rustic feel, a really good service and are located in various places in Barcelona and Catalunya.


Al Gra, Barcelona

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