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Visiting a bustling city like Barcelona, finding the unique and nice spots is almost impossible. When you don’t know the city, searching for that special vibe, genuine charm, and authentic style takes a lot of time and often leads to disappointment. That’s why having a local connection makes all the difference — someone who knows the best places in the city. I am excited to tailor an unforgettable experience uniquely to you and guide you to the hidden gems of Barcelona.

My Services

Barcelona Private Walk

Discover the city’s best-kept secrets and hidden gems with a private walking tour through Barcelona, where you will experience the local highlights and authentic vibe, which most people never get to see – or spend years living in the city to find.

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Join me on a private walking tour to discover the city’s local charm and authentic vibe and get an “insider” perspective of Barcelona. As a local with firsthand knowledge, I’ll take you to hidden gems, places to eat, drink, shop, and relax that you wouldn’t find on your own. As we walk around, you get an overview of the city while experiencing the Mediterranean lifestyle and culture.

It’s an easy way to make the most out of your precious time, because you don’t need figure out how to get around and can focus on enjoying the experience. By the end of the walk, you have a bucket list of places on your Barcelona map, which you can return to on your own, so you can skip the pre-travel research.

A private walk is tailored to what you wish to experience. It could be a neighborhood walk to different areas of the city where you see the true local culture, a foodie tour where you experience some of Barcelona’s specialties at tapas bars, local food markets or a walk to several city highlights popular among the locals like: streets, shops, squares, parks, rooftops, and delicious eateries or a mountain walk with amazing nature and city views. We can go out of town to a nearby coastal village and we can mix it all up. Finally, if you are thinking about moving to Barcelona it is a must to know the city from a local perspective.

Barcelona Bon-Vivant Guide

Say goodbye to endless Googling and scrolling and get a personalized interactive booklet to guide you to a handpicked selection of Barcelona’s hidden gems, local classics, stylish spots, or out of town escapes curated by a local with a passion for quality and style.

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Get your insider “bucket list” of unique spots and places tailored to you so you can plan your trip in no time with the best places – without knowing the city. You choose the content of the guide book, for example: Hotels, sights, stylish or off-the-beaten-path restaurants, tapas & coffee bars, (vegan?) brunch spots, rooftop or cocktail bars, picturesque squares, the locals’ favorite streets and groceries, one-day out of town escapes, coastal towns, etc.

You receive an beautiful interactive booklet with photos and hyperlinks to websites and locations of the places, which makes it easy to create your itinerary and to use it on your mobile as your personal guide on your trip. You just tell me how many days and which recommendations you want in your guide.

The guide book is ideal if you like planning yourself but want to save time on the troublesome research. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor who want to make the most of your time in Barcelona, a personalized guide book immediately expands your bucket list with insider quality experiences you wouldn’t find yourself. It’s a great choice for anyone planning a weekend getaway, family vacation, hens party or company tour plus it is a unique gift idea.

Barcelona Itinerary

Enjoy the full convenience of a personalized itinerary to make your Barcelona trip unforgettable without stressing about the planning. Let me transform your unique travel preferences into an efficient day-by-day schedule and relax before and on your vacation.

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Make the most of your time and leave the planning in my local hands and be sure that your trip exceeds your imagination, when I combine your bucket list of attractions with my insider knowledge of local spots, hideaways and places that are truly worthwhile your time.

With a local expert who knows the city you will get help to choose the right place to stay, prioritize the best things to do and feel your days flow. You can relax, as I take care of the planning with hotel bookings, all activities scheduled, reservation of entrances, guides and restaurants, while making sure everything is aligned with your personal preferences. It’s up to you for how many days you want the itinerary.

You get your itinerary as an interactive booklet with photos of the places, hyperlinks to websites and locations so you can use it on your mobile as a daily agenda and navigate to the activities. Whether you are staying a few days or longer time, the itinerary is perfect for solo travelers, families, couples or groups who are looking to get maximum value of their time in Barcelona without hard work and stress.

Maja created an itinerary that ensured that every aspect of my journey was memorable, from private tours, beaches, sites and visits to exquisite wineries, dinner reservations at highly acclaimed restaurants and found the perfect hotel for my family.

Maritsa, Florida



Loved spending the day with Maja! It was great to get off the beaten path and visit the lovely neighborhood of Sarrià to see how the locals live. We loved visiting the local parks, restaurants and shops. Our family of 5 really appreciated this relaxing experience after visiting all of the hectic must sees in Barcelona! We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Maya and recommend her on your next visit to Barcelona!

Mystery Person

Maja was knowledgeable, gracious and fun to be with. My husband & I didn’t know what it would be like to spend time touring with someone we’d never met, but it became a non-issue very quickly. She understood the type of non-touristic experiences we wanted to have… and delivered!


Maja’s local expertise and genuine passion for her work made our trip to Barcelona unique. I wholeheartedly recommend Maja’s guidance. She will undoubtedly make your trip truly extraordinary. Thank you, Maja, for being an exceptional guide and making our trip to Spain one that we will cherish forever.

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One of the most beneficial things I did in Barcelona was booking a private walking tour with Maja. It was so much more than I could have hoped for. The walk gave me knowledge about the area, the culture, the people who live there and what they are like – from a different perspective that I would have gotten alone or from a tourist guide.


With Maja we discovered many excellent restaurants, bars and shops and taught us some basics of the lifestyle and habits in Barcelona. Maja shared her world and personal experience with us, which made our perspective so much richer.


As a solo traveller, I really appreciated experiencing the city with a local connoisseur by my side. It was a gorgeous experience, nothing like what I had tried before. I had nothing to prepare for it and didn’t have to spend days on searching for nice places before my trip, and during my stay I did so much more in the few days I had in Barcelona – because everything was planned by lovely Maja.

Côte d’Azur

I went on a walk with Maja to a beautiful neighborhood in a part of town I had never heard about. Here I discovered small hidden gems where the locals hang out, cosy cafes, bars and restaurants. An amazing excursion that opened my eyes for new places and made me appreciate the beauty that can be found everywhere in Barcelona.


I have lived in Barcelona for 30 years, but with a busy life, I can’t keep up with the wealth of incredible places to eat that this city has to offer, so for this Maja is my personal reference. She has an endless list of charming places, including healthy and exquisite food. I love Maja’s “sixth sense” of Bon Vivant and great sensitivity for design.

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I’m Maja, a local with a passion for Barcelona’s unique lifestyle and vibe. As someone who loves exploring the city’s hidden gems and gastronomic scene, I’ve spent years curating a list of the very best places to visit, eat and stay. With a background in design and a distinguished sense of style and quality, I’m ready to share my favorite local spots and hidden gems with selective travelers like you.
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Maja’s Gusto Barcelona was born as I realized that my passion and local knowledge could be a great value for people who visit the city and help them get unique experiences beyond the typical tourist attractions. Whether you’re looking for chic and stylish spots or authentic places off the beaten path, I will create a personalized experience to you and guide you to the places that stand out from the rest – that people will never find alone.



When booking one of my services, I recommend and help you book the right hotel – plus you have my remote assistance throughout your trip, so you can reach out to me if you have questions while you are here.

When I am travelling, I highly value myself to get personal recommendations from local residents, so I experience the places where the they go and feel the authentic culture.
Personalised Travel Planning

Experience the difference with an independent, caring guide who prioritises your preferences instead of partnerships. Let me craft tailored experiences based on your interests and tastes.

Authentic Spirit & Quality

Immerse yourself in Barcelona’s true essence and enjoy my  handpicked experiences that capture the city’s authentic, classy spirit. Let me guide you to only the very best local spots.

Maximise Your Time & Minimize Worries

Make the most of your time in Barcelona with my tried-and-tested recommendations. I’ll handle all the logistics and bookings, ensuring you a stress-free trip so you can focus on enjoying the city!

Do you want the
very best of Barcelona?

Suppose you’re someone who appreciates bespoke experiences that are refined, sophisticated, authentic, and tailored to your unique preferences and desires. In that case, I’m here to curate a personalised itinerary just for you.

As a dedicated curator of boutique-style experiences in Barcelona, I love crafting the perfect travel plan for each and every one of my clients – whether you’re a solo traveller, a couple, a family, a group of friends, or a company, let’s talk!

Elevate Your
Barcelona Experience

Discover a new, personalised perspective on Barcelona, going beyond the famous attractions to experience the city’s authentic local neighbourhoods and numerous hidden gems.

Make the most of your time here by having a curated bucket list of premium spots where the locals love to go. Enjoy the convenience of knowing that the quality and vibe of each experience is handpicked by a bon vivant like you to perfectly match your preferences and style.

“This trip organised by Maja was such a rich experience. Districts that one would not find alone, a bit like a New York East Village feeling. The whole experience had this vibe of casual chicness.”

Maritsa, Florida


What Makes Maja’s Gusto
Barcelona Experiences so Special?

You’ll benefit from a passionate individual by your side whose focus is creating something extraordinary uniquely for you. With attention to detail and genuine care for your satisfaction, I am dedicated to making your Barcelona journey (truly) one of a kind.

The unique value of your collaboration with me is that you have a human being designing your trip for you to make your dream come true. And throughout your trip, I stay by your side to ensure you a seamless, optimised and trouble-free experience. You can reach out to me for recommendations, problem-solving, or just someone to show you around. I’ll be there for every step of your journey.

Experience Barcelona with My Local Expertise

Why choose Maja’s Gusto?

Curated Local Knowledge &
a Tailor-Made Itinerary
As a lifestyle expert and local hostess, I’ve lived in Barcelona for over a decade, discovering the best spots and hidden gems only locals know about. I work closely with you to create an itinerary reflecting your interests and passions, combining them with my local knowledge and gusto for style and quality, ensuring a unique and memorable experience.
Concierge Service
I’m with you every step of the way, offering support, advice, and insider tips throughout your time in Barcelona. My hostess/concierge service is available as part of the itinerary, ensuring you have the support you need while enjoying the city.
On-site Benefits &
Exclusive Access
Collaborating with me as a local gives you an advantage: better hotel prices, preferred tables in restaurants, and improved views and surroundings. I often secure better offers by speaking directly with people, and I visit in person to ensure it’s recommendable and that you receive the best possible option.


Do you work with both first-time and seasoned travellers?

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveller, I can create a tailor-made itinerary that is unique and individual to you. If it’s your first time in Barcelona, we can mix your trip with both on- and off-the-beaten-track experiences. If you have been here before, we can focus more on the unique spots.

Can you arrange the whole trip from start to finish?
Yes, your travel experiences are carefully curated from the moment you land. For me, it’s not just about the destinations – it’s about the journey just as much. I’ll work with you to craft an itinerary that reflects your personal interests and passions.
How long does my trip need to be?
You will benefit from my services whether you are planning to stay for one day or two months. It’s all about getting the best out of your precious time.
Should I choose a visual Bon Vivant guide or an itinerary?
The Bon Vivant guide is ideal if you have time to plan and organise your trip. It gives you recommendations for places with photos and location links. The itinerary is a meticulously daily plan packed with daily activities in an hourly schedule, photos, and location links. This is your ideal solution if you want to lean back and don’t worry about the research, planning, booking etc.
How do I use my itinerary and Bon Vivant guide?
You receive both your tailored itinerary and the Bon Vivant guide as a digital flipbook with links to all the places and locations on your schedule. You can open it on your mobile so you can easily access your itinerary and navigate your daily travel plan while you’re out and about in Barcelona.

Tip: You can also download it as a pdf.

What does Maja’s Gusto mean?
Well, MAJA is my name, and Gusto means taste in Spanish. So, you could say that Maja’s Gusto means “Maja’s Taste” or “Maja’s Flavor”.

Maja’s Barcelona – a world apart from the Barcelona I knew from previous trips! 

Carolyn, Côte d’Azur